1. last night i dreamt i had the ability to communicate with stars at night. they would form shapes when they had something to say (different shapes meant different things). i would look up to the sky and ask them questions, and they would blink or flicker to respond to me too. it was like we would converse in morse code or something. it was awesome, i felt like they were my friends.


  3. i was told last night by the good people from absolut vodka that the reason they came to uptown manhattan to gauge the opinions of several dominicans about a product of theirs was because they saw the short “#whatisanuptowngirl” i filmed over the summer. according to them, they “loved the atmosphere” i created and knew they had to “get in on that market”. did i mention they’re based in stockholm? a bunch of people i don’t know in sweden watched my video, took a plane over to the states, put some money in the pockets of people i know (and some i don’t), all because of something i created earlier this year on a whim. that’s pretty dope.


  5. the response to my first showing last night was absolutely amazing. people whom i never thought would show up, came to see my work. people i didn’t even know knew about the event, came to see my work. people i haven’t spoken to in years, came to see my work. strangers i’ve never met in person but know about me through social media, came to see my work. i didn’t really know how to react.

    many things transpired last night. to list a few:

    1. i learned that despite what i would’ve guessed prior, me having a non-sexual, intellectual conversation with a beautiful full-blown naked woman isn’t entirely outside the realm of possibility.
    2. i helped my sister perform a couple of her songs in front of a crowd of people, completely impromptu… and it was incredible.
    3. i learned that staring at an oil & water light show is something i can seriously do for hours on end.
    4. it was cool to see that no matter your style or what “scene” you’re a part of, everyone will have an amazing time as long as there’s copious amount of creativity, love, alcohol, and drugs in the air.
    5. there were many talented artists showing, ranging a variety of styles and mediums. at different times throughout the night, i overheard strangers calling my work “incredible”, and some even said my work was their favorite out of all of the art shown. this was very surreal for me because some of the other art being shown was INSANE. at one point, i saw a guy standing in front of my work with his arms crossed and i approached him. i told him that i “know the guy who did these”, and that “i think he’s a complete ass who knows nothing about art”. the guy stopped me and called me crazy. that my themes and use of color alone are “ridiculous” and that it “resonated with him”. he then asked “how do you know Robert Chong?”… i had to walk away.

    despite my at-times unwarranted braggadocios attitude, i often struggle with insecurity. it’s hard y’know, baring it all and finally putting your money where your mouth is in front of the world. suffice it to say last night humbled me beyond words and essentially validated years of preparation for me. this was it. this was finally what i’ve been working towards. there were no more excuses, nothing i could hide behind. it was all finally there; a moment in time that was exactly what it needed to be, when it needed to be, that culminated into something i could only describe as a pure love more potent than any drug i could ever take. the vibes, the atmosphere, the people, the music, the energy…… i was, and still am, on a high.

    thank you all for your support.



  7. creativity is like a bottle that fills up more and more as time passes, and the only way for me to empty it is by doing things to express myself… otherwise the bottle’ll explode and i’ll lose my mind. i suppose i’m glad about it, since it lets me create beautiful things where a lot of people can’t, but rest assured it’s just as much a curse as it is a gift.


  9. art is simply an extension of the human ego.
    anyone who says differently is fooling themselves.


    time for a small lesson.

    first and foremost, let’s get one thing straight: both are forms of vandalism. one does not supersede the other as a criminal act, and neither is “less destructive” than the other. all clear on that? good.

    a while back i was discussing the subject with someone who happens to be a “writer” (writer meaning she graffs), and there were certain things we both agreed on that distinguishes the two art forms from each other.

    graffiti is a subculture that’s full of tradition and history. a lot of it has to do with “getting up”, or writing your name/statements with the means of gaining respect amongst other writers. it’s very much territory-driven, as writers use their art for the purpose of claiming a space and making their mark. it’s something that’s done on the spot, usually free-handed with a spray can. lastly, and i think this is the greatest distinction between the two cultures, graffiti can often be confusing to an outsider. because tags are usually written in styles that’re somewhat hard to read for untrained eyes, it can seem a little frightening or off-putting to the unfamiliar. though there are sometimes exceptions to these rules, these are the basic general ideas behind the graffiti scene.

    street art, a subculture of graffiti however, is a bit of a broader term. there’s a lot of gray area. a street artist’s work can consist of various forms of media like stickers, stencils, murals, installations, and posters bombed with wheatpaste. because of this, rather than being done on the spot, it’s usually something that’s premeditated and thoroughly prepared beforehand. another difference is the kind of imagery that street artists use, which is usually something outsiders can relate to pretty easily without having to learn much about it. since the art is usually more accessible for outsiders, street artists usually tend to go “mainstream” quicker than graffiti artists. it isn’t territory-driven (for the most part) because it’s more about trying to share works of art for people to see outside, rather than claiming a space and seeking respect in the eyes of like-minded artists.

    neither is “better” than the other, just.. different. i became a street artist because of people like KAWS, keith haring, shepard fairey, basquiat, bansky, monsieur andré, and miss van. i idolize these people, but who’s to say that what they do is any “better” than people like cope2, CES, and king robbo?

    up above is an amazing documentary i came across which highlights a feud between banksy (a street artist), and king robbo (a writer). hopefully this post and the video will clarify some of the differences between the two cultures, as well as shed some light on one truth: we’re all just artists trying to express ourselves.